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Situated at the southwestern part of the country about 200 miles south of Atlanta.

Originally named Ochlockoney, Moultrie is well-known for its antique shops and has been known as "The Antique Capital of South Georgia." Every March, the town holds the annual Federated Guild Antique Show.

Visitors to Moultrie Would always have something to look forward to because the city holds many festivals all year round.

Can join the Martin Luther King Jr.. Day Parade. They're also able to watch the Automotive Swap Meet, a three-day Automotive Event where guests may find parts, tools, literature, gear, antique and performance components, jewelry, crafts, clothes, women's accessories, collectible and special interest items at affordable rates, which is held in February and November.

Each March and November, the Calico Arts & Crafts Shows are held.

Crafts Show is a one-stop shopping extravaganza that features decorative iron home and garden décor, painted glass and antiques, brightly painted children's furniture and accessories, and other items sold by over 300 vendors. There are also meals, refreshments and live performances.

In April, the annual Spring Fling and Backyard BBQ is held at the city while the Parks & Recreation Fishing Rodeo is held in June.

The Country Dive Competition and also the Annual Quilt Exhibition at the Arts Center are held in August.

Music fans Would surely adore Moultrie's Music Under the Magnolias Free Concert, which will be held at Downtown Square and contains performances from local and national artists.

The Yearly Children's Trick-or-Treat on the Downtown Square is held every October Together with the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition, the largest farm show in the USA.

The Sunbelt Agriculture Exposition is an agri-based trade series for plantation owners, regardless of farm sizes. This year, over 20 farms participated in the event, which celebrated its 40th year.

December, locals and tourists would definitely have fun linking different events that celebrate the Holiday season.

City hosts the Lights, Lights Holiday Festival on the Downtown Square along with also the Lighted Christmas Parade around the Downtown Square at December.

The Downtown Winter Festival can also be held in December, which provides exciting and fun activities for the entire family.

Visitors in Moultrie Who are in the city to attend these festivals could certainly find a lot of great bargains, especially at the State Farmer's Market located at 1525 1st Ave. SE, Quitman Hwy.

The State Farmer's Economy is a huge wholesale delivery stage for cabbage, cantaloupes, peppers and other locally developed products from farmers in Moultrie.

Though seasonal, the State Farmer's Market is a wonderful place to search for local and fresh produce.

It is situated in the southwestern part of the state about 200 miles south of Atlanta.

The town of Moultrie is home to numerous historic Websites which Are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, which includes the Moultrie Commercial Historic District situated in the city's downtown.

The Moultrie Commercial Historic District features several buildings of

The earliest public buildings in Moultrie, built in 1908. It is a two-story red brick construction with a few Georgian Revival elements.

County Courthouse, constructed in 1902. It was once voted the weakest courthouse in Georgia.

The historic downtown boasts of over 30 specialty shops Where guests can purchase clothes, gifts, jewelry and other things. Additionally, there are restaurants that provide a unique gastronomic experience.

The W.W. Ashburn House located at 609 1st Avenue SW is just another gem of Moultrie, built in the 1900s. The house is a two-story late Victorian-style house with a few Georgian Revival attributes.

The James W. Coleman House is just another historic structure in Moultrie.

W. Coleman House is an imposing late Victorian eclectic-style home with a gazebo-like porch/tower, irregular roof and corbelled chimneys.

The city's Moultrie High School, which was built between 1928 And 1929, was recorded on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. It's a one-story building with U-shaped brick laid in Flemish bond and Georgian Revival style. The school was later converted into the Colquitt County Arts Center, which provides art courses and other solutions.

Another historic building in Moultrie is the Henry Crawford Tucker Log House and Farmstead, a 45-acre property situated in the end of a long dirt road.

One-story dog trot log house with additional shed porches and enclosed porch rooms. It was developed in between 1820s to 1840s using its primary part constructed of hand-hewn logs with dove-tail notching.

But one of the most distinctive buildings in Moultrie is The older Colquitt County Jail located at 116 1st Ave., SE, that includes a Gothic Revival design with turrets at the top more info of each corner, battlements along the top of the four partitions, and a tower.

Constructed in 1915, the Colquitt County Jail includes oriental Brick, terrazzo flooring and Georgia granite. It was once cited as "the finest, best architecturally designed jail in Georgia." It is "among the most striking buildings in Moultrie and is among the county's few examples of Gothic Revival architecture."

The existence of these historic houses and structures reveals That the city of Moultrie has deep history that is worth remembering and sharing.

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